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Welcome to BC Paints Ltd, We are an industrial manufacturer who understands our customers have specific requirements. We know you want value for money, and we know you don't want to wait. We have worked hard to ensure we exceed your expectations and offer our industrial paints at competitive prices. Our experienced team of paint production employees, with the input from a fully qualified paint chemist, means we are able to develop and produce specific industrial paint formulations to meet our customers every requirement.

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We manufacture, supply and deliver paint on a large scale. From Military Vehicle to Wood paints, if you need paint we have it.

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BC Paint’s Euroguard & Polyguard QDP Paints

Euroguard & Polyguard QDP by BC Paints             Here at BC Paints we manufacture and produce high quality coatings for all industries. We have a fully qualified paint chemist, that along with our 50 years combined experience drives the company forward with new formulas and specific products.   Some of […]

20 Feb, 2015 BC Paints Ltd

LAMMA Show 2015 – Showcasing our agricultural paints!

In January BC Paints Ltd attended the LAMMA Agricultural Show for the first time! We decided to check out the center piece of Britain’s agricultural world and make an appearance as the premier paint manufacturer for agricultural paints and coatings!                       The event its self […]

6 Feb, 2015 BC Paints Ltd

Painting Bare Concrete Floors with Single Pack Floor Coating

This method is Recommended for light to medium foot traffic. Two coats of paint are always recommended, the first coat primes and seals the floor and the second provides good colour build, protection and longevity of the coating. Single Pack Concrete Floor Paints When painting any concrete floor it is important that the moisture content […]

9 Nov, 2014 BC Paints Ltd